Thursday, August 10, 2006

Condi, Weiji and Wedgies

Egad. I saw Condi used that silly untrue anecdote about how the Chinese have a character for danger + opportunity = crisis. Whenever I hear a story like the one about weiji repeated over and over as if it's common wisdom, my bullshit meter starts to twitch. And so I looked it up, a looooong time ago. Turns out it isn't true.

Okay, for those that keep going around saying this, and for apparently our "leaders", I'd like to say that this stuff about weiji is not true. It might not be a coincidence that weiji sounds an awful like "wedgie" - as in giving a wedgie to people who like to repeat stories without corrobatiing them.

I think RAW made some remark about how "common sense" is what makes people think the sun rises in the East. I wonder if "common wisdom" falls in the same category.

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