Sunday, August 27, 2006


Some folks remixed the video of the predictions of 9-12-2006 being the beginning of nuclear war to great effect. I went over to The House of Yahweh's site, and noticed that it looks a lot like the Church of Subgenius's site, except they aren't joking.

I think if you cannot pronounce "nuclear" correctly and instead pronounce it nuke-u-lur, you lose any claim to authority on anything - hey, wait a minute! In any case, it just looks like another demonstration of how dogmatic religion is incompatible with modernity.

While waiting for 9-12-2006 and Jesus coming on his cloud of glory, I think I'll read about another end times scenario in 2012...

Scare tactics, those human-written books they thrive upon is always good for acquiring a following and fund$ IMHO.

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