Thursday, July 27, 2006

Crazy Christian Talk on CNN

I actually saw this subtitle on CNN: "Apocalypse Now?" - I knew they were talking crazy Christian superstitious gibberish, but I had the sound down since I was at work. Turns out Media Matters noticed it, too. In CNN or CBN?, they have transcripts from this nut talk. How is CNN "liberal" again? Or even objective?

The comments are fantastic, of course. I really liked this one:

Can someone explain...

...why it is that most news people -- whether during interviews or simply reporting on something -- seem always to imply that god exists by merely talking about "him" as if "he" does? Is that objective journalism?

Great point. I've always wondered that myself.

Hmmm, what astonishes me more is that people seem to overlook the bible(s) are all Human-Written.

Common sense required.
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