Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Brandon recently told me about Zefrank. I think I have a new hero. This guy is absolutely hilarious. He totally skewers the "NYT is helping the terrorists" garbage that the Bush administration and his right-wing lapdogs are spewing in today's episode. See if you can spot the logic. Anyone paying attention KNOWS that the Know Your Customer shit [1] passed as part of the Patriot Act, so I can't see how this was some big freaking secret.

But for those of you who are allergic to politics, don't worry, since it's not all politics. It's a very smart and funny bit of creativity, and it definitely deserves wider attention, since I'm sure this guy is going places.

[1] Shot down by grassroots before 9/11, but 9/11 "changed everything", so they were able to pass shit they wanted to pass before but couldn't due to people being able to think straight prior to 9/11. Now, in lieu of thinking or making rational, well thought arguments for or against something, you can just construct sentences by stringing words like Saddam, 9/11, WTC, terrorists, and Osama together.

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