Thursday, June 15, 2006

What's With All The Country Music?

So, like a lot of lemmings, I bought an iPod. I also have an iTrip, and so I'm tuned to an FM station that's probably often used by others with broadcast systems in their car, or iTrip or the like.

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard snatches of some cowchip-kicking country when a vehicle passes me (usually a truck or SUV). I'm in the middle of suburban sprawl, and so I scratched my head over that one until it hit me. The suburbs HAVE no identity. That's why so many of the white kids listen to hip hop and that would explain why soccer moms and hockey dads would listen to country.

I mean, think about music and the regions/cities they are associated with - Philadelphia - soul music.
Detroit - also soul music.
Chicago - blues, house music.
New Orleans - jazz.
Nashville (and the sticks) - country.
The sticks - bluegrass.

Broomfield, CO - ?
Englewood, CO - ?
Highlands Ranch, CO - ?

I guess if you live in the suburbs like I do, you have to co-opt someplace else's cool (as you see it) music, so I can understand why people listen to country music where there isn't a tractor in sight.

Well said, the same type of thing goes on here as well.

That said... I'll never give up my Skinny Puppy.

Yeah, Skinny Puppy. I guess you don't live in Vancouver, and yet you are still allowed to listen to them.

I listen to way too much house, and I'm not living in Chicago, so go figure. :)
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