Friday, June 23, 2006


I saw some little thing on CNN with Lou Dobbs - the sound was down, but I could tell they were hyperventilating about the ability of non-citizens to vote. The title on the screen was something like "Democracy at risk?" while showing lots of Hispanics. And remember, CNN is supposed to be the "liberal" cable news network.

While I'm not exactly excited about that prospect either, could we focus on a larger problem, say, ES&S and Diebold, instead of just trying to rile people up over what essentially racism and xenophobia?

If you click that link above, you'll find out that 80% of votes cast in this country are counted by one of those two companies, and they are owned by two brothers. Who gives a shit if illegals can vote if one family can determine how 80% of the votes will be (or not be) counted? The illegal "issue" isn't even relevant in that case. Not in the slightest.

Solve the Diebold & ES&S problem (let's start with a paper trail at a bare minimum - the voter getting a receipt of how he voted so it can later be verified against the paper trail - AND allowing international observers in to watch anywhere they ask to watch for crying out loud - what the hell happened to this country?), and then we can talk about illegals voting. Until then, shut the hell up about illegals voting, because it just doesn't matter.

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