Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tuning In Example

RAW talks a lot about the idea of "tuning in" - not a novel concept I suppose, but the manner in which talks about it makes it interesting.

A recent glaring example of this that I've noticed is hearing/reading people bitch about seeing Kerry/Edwards stickers on cars. I heard this complaint as early as the fall of 2004, as if the election is over and one should immediately tear off the sticker and try to cover any trail of supporting the losing candidate and let the kowtowing begin. Well guess what? I've seen just as many Bush/Cheney stickers, possibly more...I guess you really do live in the reality tunnel that you construct.

If you are going around in life looking for any sort of thing you view as "dissent" against our "war president" you'll see Kerry/Edwards stickers everywhere. You'll also have to mention it in op-ed pieces, on rabid right wing radio, and blather on about it to anyone within earshot about it. If you don't hold this bias, you'll probably still see them, but also notice Bush/Cheney stickers - hell, I've even recently seen a Dole sticker from the 1996 election.

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