Saturday, June 17, 2006

Review: Mommy Knows Worst

If you listen to right wing radio, many hosts often like to pretend as if the 1950's in the United States were the pinnacle of human achievement. Of course, that's just before the 1960's when all the dirty hippies came along and ruined everything - like struggling for minority rights and putting ideas into pretty little women's heads - ideas like, "oh, maybe being chained to the stove barefoot and pregnant isn't everything in life?". Yes, it was quite the party before the "red diaper doper babies" came along and ended it.

Well, not all the parenting advice made fun of in this book (most via advertisement) is from the 1950's but many of it is, and it sure puts the lie to the notion of that decade being the pinnacle of culture. In any event, this book is hilarious - definitely some laugh-out-loud moments, unless you are a humorless sort like one of the folks that gave this book one star on Amazon. Remember stuff from this book the next time you hear some windbag on talk radio hark back to the "good old days". Oh, and check out the demonic-kids-and-food theme from the site Plan59 which features 1950's stuff.

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