Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Republicans Are Useful Idiots

Well, let me qualify that. The Republican voters who fall for the Rove-ish machinations about gay marriage AGAIN are useful idiots. Let's review the events so far - there was much fear-mongering during the 2004 election about the French-looking flip-flopper (who happened to not dodge the draft and then go AWOL, but what's a few facts between friends - Bush is the War President, people!) making gay marriage legal. This despite the fact that he didn't support gay marriage, but again, when did facts matter to Republicans, especially strategists like Rove?

Now, let's suppose that you actually want to make sure you never are offended by seeing two guys or two gals getting married, and you support this stuff. Ask yourself, and be honest here. I know the phrase "intellectually honest" is a favorite when Republican drones are babbling their talking points, so let's use that. Be "intellectually honest". Why didn't anything happen after the 2004 election for this, and is only being talked about in an election year? Hmmm? Republicans have control of the House, the Senate, and the Executive branch. It can be argued they have control of the Supreme Court. What kept them from even talking about banning gay marriage before?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised if this works, however - people who believed this shit before are the ones who voted for a president whose administration has actually said they "create their own reality".

Wake up, sheople. You'll vote for these motards and instead get tax cuts for the rich and more corporate welfare for defense contractors and the like, anyway. Abortion won't be rolled back, and more than likely being against gay marriage will be on the wrong side of history, right up there with supporting Jim Crow laws. Study the history of marriage if you don't believe me.

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