Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Republicans Are Useful Idiots II

Again, let me clarify. You are useful idiots, or tools if you will, if you fall for such goofy issues as gay marriage. Well, you can tell this is an election year even without looking at a calendar or being told that is because two more stupid issues are being manufactured by Republicans. Another one was the whole estate tax.

Now the next and really, really stupid one is the flag burning amendment. *Blink*. *Blink*.

Yeah, let's ban flag-burning, because it's such an, ahem, burning issue. Sorry, but you are functionally retarded if you think that banning flag burning is really high on the list of pressing issues.

And please don't tell me that people "died for that flag". No one dies for a flag. They die for ideals, or sometimes by being manipulated to think they are dying for those ideals. The ideals that America supposedly has are in documents like the Bill of Rights and are not printed on the flag. No one is proposing a ban on Bill of Rights burning. Either way, they are confusing the map for the territory. Burning any symbol of America does no harm to America in any way, and America will go on without a ban on flag burning.

Again, let me repeat: it's really the Republicans, especially the ones that harp on issues like this, that are the ones that "feel" and don't "think". The Republican noise machine, as usual, has it exactly backwards on that.

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