Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NAFTA Highway

I had to giggle today when, on a whim, I decided to jump around the AM dial and listen to what sort of conservative inanity I could find on the way into work. Sure enough, there was Mike Gallagher talking about the NAFTA highway. He sounds all puzzled over it, as if the folks in the right-wing elite aren't the most rabid supporters of it [*]. I'm sure they'll find some way to smear the liberals with this - after all it IS a neo-liberal thing, but has little to do with the people in the group described as "liberals".

BTW, ever notice that wingnuts never mention that term "neo-liberal" when they are championing neo-liberal policies? - I figure they think they might confuse their ignorant audience who usually go ape over the term "liberal" as if it's a bad word.

Anyway, found it ironic that some conservative mouthpiece was down on I-69.

I also flipped over to Laura Ingraham in which she was talking to some guest about what those crazy Democrats were up to and how great everything in Iraq is going. *rolls eyes*

[*] It's this same attitude they adopt when it comes to illegal immigration - they'll go on a tear about "bleeding heart liberals" instead of noticing that their elite conservative pals aren't exactly excited about serious fines on big business that employ such illegals. They'll babble on about the magic of the marketplace and the invisible hand, etc., and then conveniently forget those things when it comes to talking about immigration.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that if Gallagher had been paying attention to other sources than just corporate media and their echo chamber in the right-wing noise machine, he would have known about this a loooong time ago. NPR did something on it 2003 and Counterpunch replied to it here. Yes, I realize NPR is corporate media as well, but they haven't quite devolved to the cartoonish Fox News level (yet).

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