Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How Would A Patriot Act?

This book is very short at only 100+ pages. In it, the author lays out an explanation for how Bush is breaking the law (a law that applies to everyone, and no one is above), and what led him to think he could get away with it. He also discusses a bit of history of FISA and why it was enacted in the first place. He also discusses how the threat we are facing from terrorism, despite all the noise and political correctness to the contrary, is fairly low on the threat level compared to what the nation has faced in the past, and how comparing Bush to Lincoln because Lincoln suspended habeas corpus is a fallacious argument for Bush's actions.

I'd recommend anyone who gives a damn about their country and who is a real patriot to read this book. It's especially timely right now since the Bush administration is making noises about going after the New York Times for releasing information about the government's spying on financial transactions.

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