Thursday, June 29, 2006

Flag Burning Redux

The Republicans seem to be casting about for bullshitty ideas to pretend to want to implement so that they can pander to the crazier elements of their base (like banning gay marriage, real estate tax, and flag burning). You know, like bringing up a bill or amendment that they know has no chance in hell of passing, but they can use in election ads. So I thought I'd throw a few out bullshitty issues out there and see which ones they actually use to blatantly pander to the Rapture Right before the election is up.

1. Abortion (the old standby)
2. Sex education for kids
3. Prayer in schools
4. Immigration (oh, wait, they already did that)
5. Rap music
6. Video games
7. Movies

... it's so predictable, isn't it? Actually, I'm sure that between their many lapdogs like O'Reilly, Hannity or Coulter, these "issues" are already covered, but I'd like to see if the politicians do it.

It's like Colbert said: "Mentioning Jesus in your speech? That’s small government. Doing what Jesus asks? That’s big government."

That sure cleared it all up as to why Republicans don't seem to make any rational sense when they are talking about "small government" at the same time that they are quibbling over flag burning and gay marriage (and defending an administration which is breaking the FISA laws by declaring they are above the law). And made me laugh until my sides hurt.

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