Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Book: IBM & the Holocaust

You'd think this book would be a bit ponderous to get through - excluding the notes at the end, this book comes in at 420+ pages. It wasn't a chore to read, though. The author adds in human elements to the story of IBM and Nazi Germany that make it really quite intriguing. This isn't the sort of thing you are taught in high school about WWII. One can't help but notice some similar sorts of behavior in MNC's today, and so it really shouldn't be that surprising.

The book also has a website at

I've also started reading No Place to Hide at the same time which documents how much surveillance has and is going to intrude into our lives, and I can't help but get a chill when I think of the relatively primitive Hollerith's role in the Holocaust and juxtapose that against what is available today.

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