Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bill Bennett Gets Spanked By Stewart

Saw this commentary about Bennett on Daily Show on BoingBoing (and saw the show via Tivo). Check out the comments. Some dippy dittohead trots out the tired and wrong comment that "marriage is about procreation" (guys like this must be soooo fun at parties). This argument is just so damned easy to shoot down that you almost hope this guy is a liberal pretending to be a dumb conservative, but I'm afraid it's probably not the case - tune into right wing blather radio, and you'll hear it ALL THE TIME. As some of the commenters note, real "traditional marriage" was about protecting property rights. Also, don't forget - up until the sixties, "traditional marriage" didn't include mixed-race couples in some states of America. Now that's a tradition to be proud of!

I wish the people pretending to be adults in this country could just set aside this stupid issue once and for all, realize that being against gay marriage is to be on the wrong side of history, and move on to issues of substance. I cannot believe we are even still talking about this nonsense in the 21st freaking century.

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