Friday, June 23, 2006

The Atheist Nightmare's a banana. Well, at least if you watch this hilarious video on Youtube. It's part of a longer version in a series in which they show how to convert "atheists". This stuff is hilarious. I wonder how many sales they got from people with at least two neurons to rub together who wanted to laugh their asses off.

I heard about this on Penn's show and then in the next show they mention some comments they got about it - duh, bananas as they exist in the supermarket are essentially man-made.

And to think, all this time, it's been staring me in the face - it's right on the cover of The Velvet Underground box set I have...

Update: I wanted to also mention that WSJ recently had an article about how all the bananas we eat are essentially clones, and how one disease could wipe them all out. Since WSJ doesn't have a lot of their content online for free, here's an article from National Geographic from 2001 about it.

Why on Earth did these guys pick something so unnatural to argue FOR ID? This makes me wonder if these guys have any fact-checkers whatsoever when they sat down to make these videos. Hell, even an internet connection. At the very least, they could have tried out these "arguments" on a few known "atheists" (AKA "scientists"), and when they get shot down in seconds, they could maybe formulate something a little more sophisticated (if still wrong). I guess that would eventually lead them away from their conclusion of the Bible as literal truth, though.

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