Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The obsession with this date by some is pretty funny. Releasing the remake of The Omen on that date is pretty brilliant - it really taps into that superstitious mindset, and is fun to boot. But some people actually take this stuff seriously, even when our calendar is really quite arbitrary when you think about it.

Just before I left on vacation, I was reading an interesting article about how we should change our calendar system from the Gregorian to something more modern. This article was in Free Inquiry. I didn't get to finish it before leaving, but a funny thing happened during my trip - my brother's girlfriend was talking about how she knows someone, maybe her sister, who thinks something really bad will happen on 6/6/06. I had to laugh, thinking about that article, and also some writings by RAW about re-jiggering your coordinates a bit by thinking of and/or using different calendars such as Mayan, Jewish, Therion, etc.

Who knows, maybe all the religious nuts are right about this date. After all, Pat Robertson can leg-press 2000 pounds. Maybe that's the seventh-and-a-half sign. Of course, since it's highly unlikely and there is no proof, it must be a "miracle" and not what most would call a "lie". I guess his followers are used to accepting that sort of stuff, though.

I think Penn & Teller should devote a whole episode of Bullshit! to Pat Robertson.

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Yup, this date is definitely bringing out the weird. I can't tell if this site is a SubGenius-style put-on, or if you are serious, but okay.
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