Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Unbelievable Irresponsiblity of Fox "News"

It's a good thing there is a site like MediaMatters.org. This article on a "red scare" just takes the cake. This would be hilarious if it was on SNL, and it still does amuse me, if only I could be sure that this saber rattling from corporate media isn't going to have serious consequences. Take a look at the little headlines they put at the bottom: "South American Socialism: Threat to our way of life?". This is just so amazingly ridiculous, but given how Fox News watchers are already so ignorant, they are sure to believe it.

I'd like them to define their terms, for one thing. What is "socialism"? What is the "our" in "our way of life"? What is this "way of life"?

In my mind, Fox Propaganda, oops, I mean, "News", has jumped the shark years ago, but maybe it's because I started reading a lot of non-fiction. I think even if I remained fairly ignorant, I'd question this one since it's just so over the top, and reeks of Cold War Reagan-era propaganda.

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