Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Police Brutality

Today, I look over on CNN, which is supposed to be the "reasonable" channel for 24 hour television news, and they are showing something about Britney-freaking-Spears. Hmm, that's some real "news". I found out about the audio of police beating of a man in this country via Republicans Behaving Badly podcast. Why do we have to turn to grassroots stuff like this to get news of any sort of substance at all? Instead I get retarded stories about Brangelina and Tomkat and Britney Spears. And when they aren't doing ET's job, they are trying to convince Americans that South American countries are about to invade us. It's just shameful.

Congrats to this guy's wife for recording this. If she didn't, we probably would have never heard about this. She makes this American proud. As Jeff on Republicans Behaving Badly asks, I also wonder which party these animals in the police vote for. To be fair, I don't know, but like Jeff, I'd bet they aren't Democrats. Also, at least some of them got sentences, but they didn't get life. I think given the situation, they should be put away for at least 30+ years. They are put in position of power, and they abused the HELL out of that position.

As the site says, every single American needs to hear this audio. It will outrage you, it will make you sick, but America needs to understand what is going on. I wish this was just some sort of one-off thing, but it just isn't. Listening to the Bad Cop , No Donut podcast will disabuse anyone of that notion.

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