Thursday, May 11, 2006

Maddox Rules

So Maddox has a book that went to #1 on Amazon. It's funny that CNN is the one doing the article, since Maddox wrote a piece on how much CNN sucks. I cannot believe how spot-on he is about this.

I have no idea where adults are supposed to get news on television these days. Even with the gazillion channels I get via cable, I don't get BBC, so that option is right out, and PBS doesn't do news 24/7. I've heard people talk about the virtual "Chinese wall" in the media for Americans to find out ANYTHING meaningful about the outside world. I scoffed when I first heard this complaint. It doesn't seem that ridiculous anymore.

Fox News is aimed at the ignorant and/or stupid, but CNN is clearly now targeting that demographic as well. And all of television "news" seems to working overtime to make us all as ignorant as possible.

Well said, fortunately most news is not worthy anyway.

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