Thursday, May 04, 2006

Faith == Illness

Douglas Rushkoff on why he's had it with religious tolerance. I definitely have days where I feel the same way. Rigid belief systems of any sort are extremely dangerous.

Around the same time I read this blog, I was listening to the Quick Hitts podcast about the Christians in this country and their persecution complex. You know, Bill O'Reilly yammering on about a "war on Christmas" and all that, and how bad the "secular progressives" are, etc. A very good and sensible podcast. He basically says if you would just leave us alone in your belief, there'd be no problem. But when you drag a several ton monument into the courthouse, we are forced to care. Same with passing laws with religious overtones - we are forced to care. Stop dragging religion into the political discourse, and we won't have an issue.


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