Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Devil's Playground

I watched the most surreal documentary just a few days ago. Seeing Amish kids totally bust loose during their rumspringa is really quite bizarre. What's amazing is that they apparently retain 90% of these kids in their religion. I grew up in rural PA, so Amish were not uncommon at all, and I remember rumors about Amish kids acting up, but I had no idea it was so huge. Some of the parties during rumspringa apparently reach epic proportions with hundreds of kids from states all over.

Ha! I have long been mildly obsessed with the whole rumspringa idea, and yet I have not been able to catch this film yet. Was it on cable?
It was on DVD from the JeffCo library.

One of these days I got to get around to updating my Adams County script for Amazon to also search for DVDs, etc., like I've done for the other counties - in any case, it doesn't look like Adams has it, but you could probably get it sent there via Prospector.
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