Thursday, May 04, 2006

Colbert Not Funny?

No way. Only if you were one of the ones that were being skewered could you not find his performance on Saturday funny. I figured the "liberal media" (hah!) would do this as soon as I saw the video, because he skewered them just as much as Bush and his cronies. And I bet more than one right wing talk radio show played clips to show how "not funny" he was, LOL. Those guys and gals are always trying to get their listeners' backs up over nothing at all.

Oh, and Bush was not too happy, either, apparently. Well, too bad. If Bush, Cheney, etc. won't come out and face the fire like Tony Blair has to in Britain (without getting to vet the audience for those sympathetic to a narrow world view, that is), well, then, the criticism has to come out somewhere. "Colbert crossed the line" - cry me a river. People act like we have to respect someone because they hold a title - that is precisely what America is not supposed to be about.

Anyway, over on Salon, Joan Walsh discusses how tired she is of hearing that Colbert wasn't funny.

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