Monday, May 08, 2006

Au Revoir Les Enfants

This was very enjoyable - don't let the subtitles scare you away. As with any good subtitled film, you tend to forget you are reading the subtitles instead of hearing them.

One interesting conversation was when the protagonist was asking his older brother about Jews and why people hate them - his brother answers that because they killed Jesus. The protagonist is obviously puzzled by this, and points out that the Romans did. Hard to believe that is the reason for so much hatred, but there you have it. Of course, there are throwbacks around even today that still use this to justify their hatred of Jews. Seems all the more ridiculous if the theory talked about in The God Who Wasn't There is true...the Nazis were able to tap into Christian hatred and bigotry of the Jews to further their weird ideology's ends, and possibly over nothing more than a story.

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