Saturday, April 08, 2006

The True Believer

This book is a book to shed light on Bush supporters who continue to support him despite all the facts rolling in about him and the Iraq war. You really have to be a "true believer" to continue to support the Republicans right now as well. You have to work very hard to convince yourself that the facts don't matter, and that Bush & Republicans in general are somehow moral despite all these debacles and scandals.

Clinton's little dalliances can't hold a candle to being responsible for KILLING thousands - and being determined to do so regardless of the facts or the consequences. I know it's a bumper sticker, but it makes sense. The puritanical/Victorian grip on this country is so pervasive that Republicans STILL can't see past the Lewinsky thing. I'm no fan of Clinton - if you are going to criticize him, there is plenty of material to start with, but fooling around with an intern? Puh-leeze. Grow up. Sometimes Americans can be such children.

After reading this and a lot of RAW, I've decided a few years ago that I won't carry anyone's water, including Libertarians, and instead try to view the facts as they come in on the face of them instead of applying a ideological filter to try to call a fact a "liberal" fact or a "conservative" fact, etc. Despite that, I do think that the liberals are the ones that are the ones who have the moral high ground at this particular moment in time. Sites that are constantly being labeled "liberal" seem to have a better grasp of the facts - for instance, Also, I don't see liberals openly and brazenly advocating attacking such countries as Venezuala, Bolivia, etc. - the Republicans really ought to be ashamed for such behavior, but their elite opinion-shapers are either duped by all the talk of "communism" or they have an interest in the MNCs that are threatened by these countrys' leaders. I really don't blame the average schmoe repeating this nonsense; they are just ignorant.

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