Sunday, April 09, 2006

Religion and Nukes

After reading Seymour Hersh's VERY ALARMING article, I think we should try to keep the religious nuts of all stripes away from access to nukes. We need some rational folks (preferably non-religious) between our current Dear Leader and nukes. Arguments like those in Sam Harris' The End of Faith are starting to look more and more compelling by the day.

This guy isn't just a doofus, he's a nutter, IMHO. I cannot believe he didn't just scream "NO!" to that question about Apocalypse sort of fantasies. I know he can't alienate his batshit-insane right-wing Christian base - the type that read Left Behind and feel all self-righteous about it - but now I wonder if all that talk of him actually believing all this God and end times nonsense isn't true.

BTW, does anyone else find it odd that a group that proclaims to have the moral high ground seem to enjoy weird fantasies of others being "Left Behind"? I think that speaks a lot to the mentality of these types...sadistic. Even if Christian mythology was actually fact-based, why would people enjoy others' suffering? It's my belief that the Abrahamic cults often employ the lowest forms of morality (the carrot and the stick, basically) and this sort of stuff confirms it.

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