Sunday, April 02, 2006

Da Vinci Code - Debated

I might just check out this presentation this coming Tuesday. Seeing what the demographics are in Douglas County, I won't be surprised if the "debate" takes a turn for the ridiculous. Not that I think Da Vinci Code has much truth to it...but I don't come to that conclusion via robotic thinking; i.e., thinking that the Bible and/or Church is inerrant.

BTW, I never actually read the Da Vinci Code. As I've said numerous times, I do read a lot, so the synopsis I was hearing from people discussing it sounded terribly familiar to me - it's because of RAW again...he discusses Holy Blood, Holy Grail a lot. So the ideas in Da Vinci Code may have been new - in 1982. Who knows, maybe that was a meme running around even before then, but at least those authors allegedly did the research - whatever that may mean. I've long wondered if a lawsuit would be forthcoming. Sure enough, it is.

While I didn't read the books, I did get the audiobooks on CD (Angels & Demons, too) and listen to them. Ugh. Not to sound like a snob, but it was just so banal. Since I was listening to them in the car, I think I put myself in real danger by forcing myself to finish them. Not because of any conspiracy, but because I may have fell asleep and drifted into oncoming traffic.

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