Friday, April 21, 2006

Creationists grasping at straws

Ooh, this is so painful. Kirk Cameron and his sidekick created an awful video aiming to "explain" evolution and it's problems - as they see it. Hilariously painful. What a pair of ding-a-lings. Kirk should have stuck to making dopey sitcoms and not pretend to be a scientist.

I just feel sorry for the motards who actually believe this sort of nonsense. So, of all the myths, especially creation myths, made up and retold on Earth over millenia, these guys think they've found one that is the "correct" one - AND that it refutes science? That's a good one - ask yourself - every time science and religion butted heads, who eventually lost out and had to give way?

While the video that you've linked to on my blog is indeed ridiculous, you should keep in mind that stereotyping people is problematic.

I am a Christian, and a biologist (in grad school at least), and therefore am a "creationist" myself, though not the sort most people associate with that word.

Pitting science and religion against each other as though they are locked in eternal conflict where one must "lose" and the other "win" is both short-sighted and simplistic.
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