Friday, April 21, 2006


It's pretty interesting to find out who some of the atheists/agnostics in current pop culture are...especially the sorts of things they say about what they believe. The two major players who brought us Linux are apparently atheists - Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds. So is one of the guys who brought us the Apple - Steve Wozniak. Bill Gates as well. Okay, not too surprising, I guess.

The surprising one is Lance Armstrong. Never knew that about him. Same with Douglas Adams. Bjork....Matthew Sweet...Billy Joel...Brian Eno...Katharine Hepburn...Bob Geldof....David Gilmour. Wow.

Albert Einstein - they have tons of quotes from him about his belief. Here's one:

[My] deep religiosity... found an abrupt ending at the age of twelve, through the reading of popular scientific books. [Albert Einstein, as quoted in Einstein, History, and Other Passions, p. 172]

Heh, no wonder there is such an anti-intellectual streak in this country - everybody would end up ditching religion if they understood more about science - or so the religious right fears, I suppose.

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