Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

I've loved the Castlevania series ever since I first saw it on the 8-bit Nintendo. So when I saw one was out for the PS2, I scooped it up tout de suite.

Well, I was a little let down...the 3D didn't really translate so well, and it didn't really feel like one of the Castlevania series to me. As long as you discard the notion that it's part of the series, it's an ok game. If you go in expecting a Castlevania game...well, it sucks. So I head on over to read some reviews on this, and some of them on Amazon are really quite funny.

Here's part of one review that really cracked me up:

"My biggest peeve with this game is that it's "Castlevania gone Pokemon." Essentially, everything about this game is "Japanimated." Believe me, I'm a huge fan of most Japanimation, but to use it to this extent in "Castlevania" is just ridiculous. I mentioned the Devils in the Pros list, but that does not necessarily make it a good thing. Hands down, these "Devils" ARE Pokemon characters. Like most pokemon characters, these things have certain bodily attributes that make absolutely no sense (i.e., large crystals coming out of their anuses). The fairy, makes that annoyingly cute girl noise that is inherent in nearly all Japanimation female archetypes. I just think that the Japanimation style would do better elsewhere, not in Castlevania."

Testify, brother. I have no problem with anime, either, it just doesn't belong in Castlevania.

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