Thursday, March 02, 2006

This Divided State

I recently checked This Divided State out of the's pretty alarming to see just how well a character like Hannity can manipulate the crowd. Same with the standing ovations that Moore gets.

I found it an interesting insight into the most Republican county in the U.S. It's amusing that the guy trying to stop Moore is that afraid of a different opinion - if they are sure that the Mormon/Republican position he wants his community to maintain is so correct, what harm can it be to have a rabble-rouser like Moore come in to talk?

Also, it was pretty clear that some ideologues on both sides have a rather poor understanding of what "free speech" means. Free speech is only meaningful when someone can say something that you absolutely abhor. Being able to say something that you agree with doesn't really need to be protected. You == majority in any particular location.

There were examples of folks on both sides trying to shout down opposition. Most of the people in this case were conservative, but that may have been editing. Somehow, I doubt it, though.

Oh, and what was really instructive was Hannity making silly remarks along the lines of "liberals are welcome to move into my neighborhood...if you can afford it." What an asshole. And I guess he's not an elite according to ditto-(non)think.

You can see some free clips over on

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