Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ripped-up credit card app still works?

The guys over at Consumerist at it again. The have this entry about how a ripped-up credit card app still works. Very uncool.

The house shredder is busticated at the moment, so I have a big box of credit card apps yet to be shredded. Even though the trash doesn't spend much time on the curb, untangling the mess that could be caused is not something I want to go through. I worked with a guy at Corning who had his identity stolen. That guy was so spun up I honestly think he would have killed the guy responsible if he could have wrapped his hands around his neck. Nothing like spending a lot of your free time talking to lawyers and cops and collection agencies.

Also note the link to get yourself off the pre-approved credit card list.

Hm. I think the post at Consimerist was well-put enough but there is nothing new in it...
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