Friday, March 10, 2006

Infidel Guy vs. Way of the Master Radio

So I listened to this podcast episode of The Infidel Guy. It has a lot of ROTFLMAO sort of moments...the very fact that the guy on the Bible-thumping channel is witnessing to his guest instead of actually trying to listen to him is hilarious. Of course, the circular logic of Christians rears its head, too. Good times.

Check out the Way of the Master site, too. Kirk Cameron is associated with this? I knew he was a Bible-banger but I didn't know he was doing this. The advertisements are pure gold. Things like "learn how to demonstrate the literal truth of the Bible" when witnessing...ugh. I remember hearing (a very funny site, BTW. It reads like The Onion, but these guys are serious. They even have a tab on there entitled "Creation Education" - isn't that a contradiction in terms?) adverts on Michael Weiner's (aka Savage) the Savage Nation, but these take the cake...

It'd be funny to start an entire new religion, plant intentional internal inconsistencies in the holy texts and "facts" at odds with reality (like Pi==3, for example) and then after a few years, yell "surprise! I was bullshitting you the whole time. Think for yourselves, chowderheads!" I bet you dollars to donuts that rather than letting their worldview come falling apart, they'd invent that religion's version of apologetics, and continue right on with whatever they were doing...

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