Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fox News Watchers are the Most Ignorant

I think that most TV news borders on the ridiculous, but this study from PIPA shows that Faux News is the clear leader for the most ridiculous. Let me summarize: Fox News watchers were more likely to hold all three misconceptions that they checked for than any other news consumer. Faux News isn't "fair and balanced", they wipe their asses with the concept of fairness - unless by "fair and balanced" they mean between right-wing Republicans and far right-wing Republicans.

I'd like to propose a challenge to the folks that actually believe the outright corporate propaganda on Faux News to check out and Consumerist for a month, using RSS readers. When you run into something that you think is nonsense (because it conflicts with the reality matrix that Faux News and others have tried to construct for you, for example) research it. Check it out, decide for yourself. I bet you come away with some different opinions. Certainly don't just accept at face value the steaming dung that corporate channels serve up as "news".

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