Tuesday, March 28, 2006


So I created yet another Greasemonkey script - DenverLibPlus...this one adds a few tweaks to the Denver County Library website. For one, it will autofill card number and lastname info and click submit for you. It will also prevent the oh-so-annoying five minute timeout. I understand why they would do that for computers WITHIN the library, but you'd think they'd narrow that functionality to IP ranges within library only, and for those of us accessing it from outside, turn that off. Maybe it keeps resource usage lower, too, since it seems to keep some state on the server? Dunno. In any case it's annoying to come back to a tab where you had a search or an item on and instead you are back on the home page instead.

It will also select a preferred branch for you during placing a hold, and hit submit on that page as well.

And lastly, it can automatically go back to the listings you were viewing before placing a hold.

If I think of more improvements, I will be adding those as well. Overall, the library systems are great, but the web site could use some improvements, and this is a way of giving the power back to the user. Viva la Greasemonkey! :)

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