Thursday, March 16, 2006


So I've been driving around my car for the past few weeks with a Bulldada sticker on my car, and then out of the blue, one of the podcasts I listen to, Out There, interviews Reverand Ivan Stang about the history of the Church of the Subgenius. Stang also talks about the ongoing (?) lawsuit with one of the members and the custody battle resulting in a misunderstanding of what the whole Subgenius thing is. Very good stuff. I wonder what it is about Texas that seems to generate some of the most weird and wild stuff.

These same guys did a show on the author of Behold a Pale Horse, William Cooper. I actually read this back in 1998 because I saw a mention of it in Rolling Stone as some conspiracy theory literature that for whatever reason hiphop artists were into. Anyway, I picked it up and read it. To me, it just seemed like rantings from a redneck Republican - stuff about New World Order/one world government etc., and the plans that the U.S. government has with aliens, how he did all this secret stuff for the military. It was like he thought he was the Forrest Gump of the black ops industry - he had something to say on virtually everything. I wondered if it even was a bit of a put-on, something like the Subgenius or Discordian literature, so I started to read it like that. If what was said on the podcast was true, that he was one of the more respected conspiracy theorists, I'd say they need to get better writing or something.

Anyway, on the Out There podcast, they mentioned that the guy was shot by police in 2001? I had no idea, but it's not like this stuff is covered in everyday news. Now, you can come to two conclusions about this:

1) If the guy was as paranoid and reactionary in person as what his writings were, well, it's not surprising some cop got jumpy and shot him.
2. This feeds the fire for the conspiracy theorists - this guy being paranoid and whatnot as a cover story is perfect for the cops, don't you see?

Anyway, sorry to hear the guy got shot, even if he did seem to be a bit of crank (to me, anyway).

Happy St. Paddy's Day Penn.

Thanks man. Back at ya.

That reminds me...I think either in Denver or Golden there is a basset hound parade put on by the rescue folks during St. Patty's, but my searches so far are turning up nil. I know there have been ones in the past...

We're probably going to take all five hounds to the play time with the other hounds at the park this weekend. I'll try to get some shots then. Last time, there were at least 10 or so basset hounds over the course of the hour or so we were there. :)
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