Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Vanishing

Okay, a few days ago I posted about this movie The Vanishing, and what a complete abortion the American version turned out to be.

Anyway, so I'm catching up on old Phil Hendrie shows (I have a backstage pass) and he talks about the EXACT SAME THING. I think he said "don't waste your time watching the American version...etc." And said something like "if the original script was a baby, it was like they fed it through a wood chipper in the remake". LOL. This was on Dec 15th, 2005 show, BTW.

Nice to see that I'm not a fan for naught...I pay special attention to his discusson of certain movies, especially ones I haven't seen, since he seems to be a real fan of movies as well - and he refers to the whole array of movies, not just what was released last week.

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