Thursday, February 23, 2006

Values voters

After 2004's election, we kept being deluged with this meaningless, Orwellian term: "values voters". Often heard in sentences like this: "Well, the values voters have spoken, and Bush is their man..."

Any thinking hairless ape will wonder just what that term is supposed to mean. After all, doesn't EVERYONE have values? Oh, you mean so-called "family values", AKA so-called "Christian values" (or for the semi-politically correct, "Judeo-Christian values")? LOL! Do those "values" typically include lying, cheating, and stealing to achieve your agenda? Cf: Bush, Abramoff, Frist, Delay...etc.

Oh, yeah, I forgot: there are still people who think that morality can only be found via one Abrahamic cult or another, usually their own particular brand of it. Last I checked, I think there are over 3000 registered religions in can you be sure that by virtue of birth/social conditioning/imprinting that you have arrived at the correct one, with the one and true set of "values"?

All it takes is a little good ol' common sense 2C through all of that bullshit.

Good 2CU do.

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