Thursday, February 23, 2006

Go Back to Sleep, America...Nothing to See Here

So I'm reflecting on the documentary End of Suburbia, and looking at the blog Powering Down, and I see a reference to a book that might actually have some suggestions of some things to do, Superbia...might have to check that one out. After the soul-crushing that the movie delivers, it might be nice to see what I can do...

It's pretty discouraging to realize just how little Americans know or care about this sort of thing...they'd rather just continue in their escapism. Confronting problems isn't all doom and gloom, it's supposed to be what mature and responsible adults do. Sorry to crash your little party, but the soccer mom lifestyle with sprawl and SUVs ain't a long term plan.

In any case, it really sickens me to reflect on how we got here. I'll be interested to see what Bush's recent meek utterings on this will amount to. My guess is squat. There has been no attempts at REAL leadership in the realm of energy policy since Carter's days. To hear that Reagan actually had the solar panels and woodstoves removed from the White House is just mind numbing. What. An. Asshole. From Powering Down:

Any politician who attempts to tell the American people the truth about our energy situation will be voted out of office. Just ask Jimmy Carter. In 1979 with the country in the grips of an oil crisis, President Carter delivered a speech in which he tried to bring our energy situation into the forefront of discussion in this country. The address was entitled "Energy and the National Goals - A Crisis of Confidence”. It has been nicknamed “The Road Not Taken Speech" because Americans did not like what they heard and chose not to listen to his warning. He was not reelected in 1980. Maybe it was his pessimistic tone as he sat in a sweater and urged the American people to turn down their thermostats. Ronald Regan thought so and removed the solar panels from the roof of the White House and the woodstove from its living quarters. With them went the political will to speak with honesty to the American people about the future of our nation and its energy issues. Will we ever get a leader with the strength of character necessary to tell us the truth and lead this nation through the coming peak oil crisis? More importantly will we be ready to listen?

"Standing Tall", indeed.

All sports broadcasts will proceed as normal.

read The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight. Just sat awhile with this sad stare. Who knows, maybe we'll all have those kick ass Jetsons cars by then....
Thanks for the book reference. Maybe when I get up the gumption, I'll check it out.

Man, that End of Suburbia really rocked my reality tunnel...I mean, who'd think that the brand new suburbs and exurbs and McMansions that they are building there RIGHT NOW may very well be the slums and ruins of the not-so-distant future....
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