Saturday, January 21, 2006

Republicans Behaving Badly

The Republicans Behaving Badly podcast is hilarious. For instance, when he's talking to Republicans who start flinging racial epithets at him (he's black), he asks, "So, did you vote for Bush?" It's rather sneaky, but still very funny.

Other times, it's sort of disturbing. He's talking to Christians on a Christian chat room, and one woman actually thinks all homosexuals should be rounded up and thrown in jail. I guess intellectually, I know people like this exist, but to actually hear her advocate this is unsettling. Another also says the day she sees women and women holding hands and men and men holding hands in a church is the day she bombs that church!

This same "Christian" tries to draw him into a discussion, over and over, on which day is the proper day for the sabbath. I'm not a Christian, but I have a hard time envisioning a god so concerned with a technicality that someone who kept the sabbath on Sunday vs. Saturday would be condemned to hell over it. In my opinion, it's people like her who qualify for the moniker of pseudo-Christian. They will constantly cite Scripture for this and that various detail, and yet seem to have no brotherly love in their heart. I wonder if she eats ham or wears mixed fabrics. More about that later.

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