Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Religious Right's Obsession With Gays

I just don't understand why these people obsess over gays. Some, I suspect are actually in the closet's happened in the past where the ones who were the most ridiculous and extreme in their gay bashing were gay themselves!

This obsession makes no sense when you realize that the Bible also prohibits eating seafood without fins, pork, and other things that obviously don't generate the sort of activism of say, the God Hates Fags website. These Baptists have come a long way from what Christianity is supposed to be about, IMHO. Click on the photos link over there. These pieces of human garbage not only attend funerals of known gays, they also held up signs saying "Thank God for Dead Miners" at the recent disaster in WV. I wonder how many of these people are in the any case, they must be an absolute delight to hang out with. Yeesh.

I love the argument that gay marriage will destroy hetorosexual marriage! That's a good one. DIVORCE destroys marriage. Live and let live, I say, and don't worry so damned much about what others are doing if it doesn't affect you.

The whole choice argument is funny, too: did left handers "choose" to be left-handed? Did they get "recruited" to the left-handed lifestyle? Don't forget that lefties are also viewed with suspicion, much like gays are.

"DIVORCE destroys marriage."

Roger that. People are so quick to blame others these days.

Maybe it's always been that way.

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