Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New GreaseMonkey script

I modified my Denver-Prospector script, and came up with a new one. This one now searches Denver, if not found there, then Prospector, if not found there, then it searches WorldCat. I kept the old script around in case people don't want the new behavior of searching WorldCat.

Unfortunately, for a hit in WorldCat, I don't know how to automate the script in such a way that you can click on the link from the Amazon page and then have an option to request the item right there. Part of this is because Denver (and other libraries) has the user log in first before using WorldCat from their site. If anyone has any clues as to how I might do this, I'm welcome to suggestions. You'll still know that the book is available in any case.

You can find the script here.

Can you explain how this is supposed to show up? I see nothing when I browse books on the Amazon site.

You didn't leave contact info, but I made another post showing a screenshot of what it should look like when viewing an item on Amazon.
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