Monday, January 30, 2006

Liberal Media? Yah, Right!

While far, far right pundits like to say they can spot the leftist media bias by finding use of words such as "arch-conservative" in common use, while "arch-liberal" is rare, I'd like to focus on issues of real substance. Let's take two recent examples:

1. Abramoff. I think Franken discussed him in his book, and how Abramoff and Delay actually went to Saipan to ensure the bullshit there continues. Made in America - yeah, right. Yay, "free market"!

I doubt anyone in Bush's base would support this (other than the elites that benefit from this arrangement), but since they aren't told about it by corporate media, why would they care? Sure, mainstream book publishers will carry this stuff, but it isn't discussed in any serious way on television. If it wasn't for this recent scandal, the average schmoe wouldn't even know who Abramoff is. If the media were really "liberal" and doing their jobs, you'd know a lot more about these two, and much, much sooner.

2. Spying on Americans. The New York Times (which is supposed to be a Marxist rag if you buy the nonsense on right-wing talk radio) sat on this story for over a YEAR at the request of the government, even though it's questionable as to whether the administration violated the law. This is watergate stuff, and they sat on it for a year. What commies. I'm sure the upcoming election had NOTHING to do with it...{rolls eyes}

These two scandals are a little more substantive than the use of certain words.

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